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Pressing the Sym Key Typing with the physical keyboard on your webOS phone allows you quick access to any of the letters, numbers or symbols located on the keys just by using of the Option (Orange/Silver) and Shift ( Shift Key )keys. However, if you want to access a larger range of other symbols--including accented letters and smiley faces--you will need to use the  SYM key key on the bottom right of the keyboard. Keep reading after the break for details on how to use the SYM key key.

  • In any editable text field, pressing the SYM key key will bring up an onscreen box with almost 150 additional characters, including 3 different smiley faces all the way at the end.
  • You can swipe up and down to scroll through the list and tap on the symbol you want, but that can be a tedious exercise.
  • To narrow down your search, you can press a keyboard key right after you press the SYM key key. This will limit your results, based directly on the letter or number of the keyboard key.
    • For example, pressing SYM key + E will give you the access to both lowercase (éèëê?) and uppercase (ÉÈËÊ) accented "e" letters, the Euro Symbol (€), and some characters that relate to the number "1" (¹ ¼ and ½)
  • Once you have your narrowed down list, you have two options on how to select your desired symbols. You can tap the symbol on the screen, or you can keep pressing the same keyboard key until the desired symbol is highlighted and then press the SYM key key again to insert that into your text field.
  • Note that you can also press the Enter key ( Enter Key ) to choose the symbol, but that may provide some unintended results, such as prematurely sending your SMS message from the Messaging App.
  • You can also press-and-hold the SYM key key, continually press the desired keyboard key until you get to the symbol you want, and when you let go that symbol will be inserted into the text. (Thanks to pcworld in the comments for this piece of information)

Here are a few examples of the available symbols (note that some symbols may be attached to multiple keys)

  • T/3 = ™ ³ ¾ (™ for the T, ³ and ¾ for the 3)
  • C/8 = © ç Ç ¢ (they all look like a C)
  • H/$ = € £ ¥ ƒ (types of money, just like the $)
  • Y/( = ÿ ý Ÿ Ý ¥ [ ] { } < > « » (accented versions of "y", various forms of brackets for "(" )
  • K/: = :-) :-( ;-)
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