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You may have noticed that webOS often corrects or changes the text you write, either correcting a typo or expanding on a typing shortcut. Some of the most common auto-corrections include adding the apostrophe to contractions (dont, wont, counldnt, etc) or for quick shortcuts (u→you, r→are, thru→through, etc), and also includes things like name titles (mr→MR.). Of course, the majority of the auto-corrections are due to assumed typos, from simple changes like adn→and or tje→the, to more complex works like definately→definitely or suphisticated→sophisticated. All in all, there are almost 2,500 entries in the US English AutoReplace Dictionary, but it is not easy to edit (or even see) that list without using a Homebrew solution. The good news is that there appears to be a new app coming in webOS 2.0 that will give the user control over these options.

But what happens if you do not agree with one of the auto-corrections? Let's say you type "IM" to signify "instant messaging" but that gets corrected to "I'm", or you type "MS" as a shortcut for "Microsoft" and it adds a period after the "S". Well, all you need to do is hit the backspace key ( Backspace ) immediately after the auto-correction occurs to undo it.

Note: today's tip will change with webOS 2.0

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