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USA Today

The App Catalog on the HP TouchPad might not have the most expansive selection in the tablet space, but it's got some pretty decent apps in it. One of those is the free USA Today app, which provides a slick interface for accessing the news site's stories. And as it would turn out, it's a relatively popular app. From a leaked slide from an internal USA Today presentation, we've learned that the USA Today app for TouchPad has been downloaded 250,000 times, which isn't bad for a platform that might have over a million devices on market.

While that pales in comparison to the 2.9 million downloads for the iPad, the webOS tablet app handily trounces its Android tablet competition. All standard Android tablets (excluding the Amazon Kindle Fire, because while it's based on Android, it's not a "true" Android tablet) combined have netted a total of 130,000 downloads. That's on tablets from multiple manufacturers who are still standing behind the product. Heck, HP's defunct tablet has managed to clock more app downloads than Windows Phone as a platform.

Is this a sign of the success of webOS? Not really, since a good number of those downloads likely came from users that had purchased their TouchPad at fire sale prices. This is more an indictment of the state of Android tablets, that despite the forces pushing them they have yet to see notable success. Meanwhile, the $200 Kindle Fire has snagged 260,000 downloads of its own custom USA Today app, just barely more than the TouchPad's quarter-million. Not bad for a dead platform, eh?

Source: GeekWire; Via: Daring Fireball