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Heavy mountains of salt, dear reader. We’ve seen the mystical HP Pre3 pop up for preorder in Europe, and the estimated delivery times have turned out to be, shall we say, inconsistent? Amazon.de reports June 30 (not likely), while Rogers in Canada (yes, not Europe) expects it on July 19 (possible). Enter UK retailer Play.com, who is reporting the Pre3 as “due for release on 08 July 2011,” and is asking £349.99 to preorder the upcoming webOS flagship phone.

Is this price or date accurate? We don’t know, but given how widely inaccurate every date was leading up to the HP TouchPad’s release announcement, we wouldn’t put much money on the date. Pricing, well, that’s flexible and easy to refund. Disappointment about a missed speculative release date? That’s harder to sooth. Though we would like for the Pre3 to launch so close to the TouchPad – it’d be nice to be able to actually use Touch-to-Share.