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Our masked defender, the ReleaseMyPre guy, has heard your cries! For far too long, the countless Verizon and AT&T Palm Pre Plus users have been without webOS 1.4.5.  It's the webOS update that feels just out of grasp for people on those carriers.

As the above video shows, the ReleaseMyPre guy has taken up the cause. The earlier 79-hour notice to Palm has been given a pass until Monday. What's more, he's planning a twitter protest to get the point across that every device deserves webOS 1.4.5.

So here are the specifics. On this upcoming Monday September 13th, at 3pm EST, simply tweet to both @VZWSupport and @ATTCustomerCare. Oh, and be sure to include the #releasemy145 hashtag.

Source: Twitter