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As my colleague Tim wrote last week, he and I are both part of a new HP marketing effort called Veer Peers, through which we've been provided with HP Veer smartphones (although without AT&T service; we need to provide our own if we want it) and encouraged to share our experiences, good and bad, with others. In my case, rather than just keeping the Veer to myself, I decided to hand it off to someone who may be part of a major target market for the Veer: my 9-year-old daughter Elisheva. She was very eager to try the Veer, having already claimed one of my old Pre Plus devices (both are WiFi-only right now; she doesn't yet have a cellphone of her own), and it has become her regular companion.

At my request, she first wrote and then made a video with her Veer review. Her thoughts, and her charm, are her own (although the unmowed lawn belongs to our neighbors!). Here's hoping that many other tweens, teens, and older folks (like me) will follow Elisheva's lead and "have a great experience" with the Veer and the other new webOS devices. Video after the break.