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Tweed Video Coming soon to the webOS App Catalog will be version 1.5 of Pivotal Labs’ popular Twitter client Tweed. As posted on the company blog, Tweed 1.5 will come with integrated TwitVid uploads. It’ll be a beta feature, as webOS in its current form doesn’t have any mechanisms for retrying failed uploads (which can happen with large files like videos over cellular, so Pivotal Labs recommends you do video uploads over Wi-Fi). A demonstration video has been already posted to TwitVid.

Tweed 1.5 will come with a number of other changes and fixes, including updates to the Load More feature, external links, and notifications. Additionally, the price of Tweed is going to be temporarily cut from $2.99 to $0.99. This is due to problems with the free version (Tweed Trial), on which development was stopped with version 0.9.16. Changes made with webOS 1.4 rendered Tweed Trial inoperative, so Pivotal Labs is going to withdraw the app and will temporarily reduce the price of the full Tweed to $0.99 to allow for an easy upgrade path for Tweed Trial users.

Thanks to Bassam and miles4000 for the tips!