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by webos catalog on 2/18/2011 | ; Tags: - none - | 4 comments

Take the headache out of travelling with TripThat, the premier TripIt.com client for webOS. TripKit is like a digital secretary. It organizes all of your travel plans into one easy itinerary. Then, the whole thing is stored on your webOS device for easy access on the go (offline too!).

Do not want to create all this manually? No problem! Just forward your travel confirmation emails to the service and it does the hard work of building that itinerary for you. It does not matter where you booked it. If you are a frequent traveler, then stop reading and get this. Seriously, it’s that good. Want even more? If you have a TripIt Pro account, TripThat will pull in alternate flight suggestions, frequent flyer points, and even let you know when a flight is cancelled or running late.

The next time you book travel simply TripThat & let your digital secretary take care of the rest!