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After filling us in on the $599 pricing of the 32gb TouchPad, our tipster has given PreCentral convincing evidence that Wal-Mart expects that HP will begin shipping TouchPads to select stores beginning on June 2nd. Wal-Mart is also set to receive new displays for the product the week of June 6th. In other words, if Wal-Mart is any guide, the TouchPad could literally be less than two to three weeks away from availability.

Is Wal-Mart a good guide? Well, you don't get to be a huge retailer like Wal-Mart unless you absolutely don't mess around when it comes to distributing products around the county (and the globe). You don't get to be a huge PC company like HP unless you hit your promised ship dates to your most important vendors. 

An exact date is hard to pin down, but signs are good that HP's promised "summer" release date for the TouchPad could actually mean early-to-mid June. That period, by the way, lines up nicely with the massive ad campaign we told you about earlier today.

Thanks Anonymous!