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Over at BGR they’ve got the word that HP is aiming to get their TouchPad tablet out and in the hands of customers by the end of June, and that pricing is set at $699. If you’re thinking “Whoa!” on that pricing, take a few slow breaths and consider this: we don’t know which TouchPad model that price is for. HP announced the TouchPad in 16GB and 32GB varieties, and while they didn’t discuss it, we can safely assume that cellular connectivity is in the cards.

For all we know, $699 could be a 3G (or 4G?) TouchPad packing 32GB of storage space. That’d compare favorably to the Apple iPad 32GB with 3G, which is currently priced at $729. If we assume that $699 is the top-end TouchPad, then it could presumably go all the way down to $499 (like the iPad) for the W-Fi-only 16GB version. For comparison, the 64GB-and-3G-or-nothing Motorola Xoom is projected for release at $899, which matches up nicely with the $829 iPad 3G 64GB.

Of course, the June release date puts the TouchPad as coming out after the Xoom, iPad 2, and possibly even the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It doesn't look like price is going to be a differentiating factor for the TouchPad - with the tablet market about to get a whole lot more crowded, it'd take more than price to stand out anyway.