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TouchPad phone functions work with 1.4.5 devices

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 28 Jun 2011 6:59 am EDT

One of the nicer features of the TouchPad is its ability to connect with your phone to make and receive calls (and text messages). Given that this feature uses Bluetooth, it could well work with non-webOS phones, but HP has been demoing (and discussing) it only in the context of its newest generation of devices, specifically the Pre 2, Veer and upcoming Pre3, all running webOS 2 or later. Left unclear was the status of older devices running webOS 1.4.x.

One of our forum members, nkling, was in Walmart yesterday, playing with the TouchPad that the retailer so nicely put on display early. He took the opportunity to pair the display TouchPad with his Sprint (original) Pre, and was able to use the TouchPad's Phone app to make a call. Another forum user had a similar experience although with some hiccoughs, but it appears that the TouchPad's voice call feature at least will probably be available even to "legacy" webOS device owners. (As a reminder, though, Touch-to-Share requires not only operating system support but an actual hardware coil in the phone; the Veer and Pre3 have the coils, but the Pre 2, although OS-upgradeable, lacks the coil and therefore won't do Touch-to-Share.)