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June 19th, 2011 is now upon us, and as promised, today is TouchPad pre-order day. A number of retailers across the globe have the TouchPad listed as available for pre-order for that release date that’s now less than two weeks away. Amusingly, most of HP’s global sites haven't been updated yet to link to the TouchPad ordering page (excepting HP France and HP UK). No worries, pleny of others are ready for orders, and below you’ll find a list of all we’ve found so far. We don’t think it’s complete, but to be honest we’re not entirely sure what outlets in Europe will be selling the TouchPad. Let us know in the comments if there are any we’re missing!

United States (US$499.99 / US$599.99):

Canada (CA$519.99 / CA$$619.99):


France (€578.86 / €479.60)

UK: (£399.00 / £479.00)