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The HP Pre 3’s documentation went up at the FCC today, but as is typical for the FCC, we had to do some digging to determine that was in fact the phone we suspected it to be. As it turns out, another HP device passed through the FCC’s certification labs today, and this one is the HP TouchPad.

The filing for webOS tablet, classified as a “handheld computer” by the FCC, included documents from HP and Inventec, all but confirming the TouchPad will be built by the Taiwanese OEM. And we didn’t even have to decipher this one as being the TouchPad, as the name was listed multiple times in multiple documents.

While this does appear to be the Wi-Fi-only version of the TouchPad, it does seem that the FCC information will be printed onto a pull-out tab, ala the HP Slate 500. Our hope is that this tab is merely occupying the space that will be the SIM card slot on the GSM models. Why HP couldn’t just print it on the back like Apple does with their sacred iPad, we don’t know.