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You might recall that HP TouchPad sign-up notification from HP’s Small & Medium Business sales site that we told you about back on Wednesday. Turns out HP’s not just collecting the email addresses in a database for notifications – they’re also looking at your responses, and in the case of one PreCentral reader, contacting those they think worthy and just up and sending them a PowerPoint presentation about the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3.

Most of the stuff in this marked-confidential presentation is the kind of stuff that readers like you already know about. It touches on webOS features like cards, multitasking, Synergy, touch-to-share, Ares development, the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store, Just Ty... wait, what? Yeah, the HP Music Store and the HP Movie Store. The two slides that discuss the afore mentioned media stores have two mockups that look like desktop apps shoehorned (i.e. Photoshopped) into the TouchPad screen (black bars across top and bottom), but it was the notes for the music slide that got our attention.

According to that slide, the TouchPad will come with a music syncing solution built-in that utilizes cloud servers to sync and remotely store your music. More than that, it will leverage a “smart algorithm” to ensure that the music the user is most likely to listen to is cached locally on the device. This service will also allow TouchPad owners to stream music that they don’t yet own. There’s also mention that this service will allow you to stream music to HP smartphones, presumably once they too are updated to webOS 3.0 like the TouchPad.

If you were looking for the fruits of that Melodeo acquisition, here they are. The TouchPad is jumping ahead of Apple in the streaming music department. HP’s even getting ahead of Amazon’s Cloud Player service (which also beat Apple to the streaming game) by enabling smart local caching and streaming of music not in the user’s library. Now we know what Rubinstein was talking about when he mentioned “music synergy.”