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TouchPad Go raffle gets a little sweeter

Several days ago we let alerted you to an awesome charity raffle put together by webOS community member Rich Dunbar (@RichDunbar) in which the winner would receive a TouchPad Go, Since the TouchPad Go is one of the rarest gadgets in existence we had to feature this raffle on webOS Nation. All the money put towards for the raffle will be donated to two great causes, so not only do entrants get a shot at winning a TouchPad Go but they can also rest easy knowing their money will be helping a lot of people in need. As a webOS fan and a charitable person willing to help out their fellow man things couldn't be better... until now that is!

Rich managed to stumble onto a webOS treasure trove of devices and accessories courtesy of webOS Developer Relations that he would like to add to the raffle to sweeten the proverbial pot. So now instead of having the chances of only winning a TouchPad Go you will have the chance of winning a lot more. There will now be two winners drawn at the end of this raffle instead of just one.

One lucky winner will receive a 16GB 9.7-inch TouchPad, an AT&T Pre 3, an HP webOS bluetooth keyboard, a spare TouchPad wall charger, a HP TouchPad folio cover, and a Touchstone phone charger.

The ultimate prize will be an HP Veer (black), Bluetooth keyboard, Touchstone chargers for both the phone and tablet, a spare TouchPad wall charger, and of course the TouchPad Go in all of its 7-inch glory!

So now instead of only having one shot at winning something sweet, your $10 raffle entry will give you a shot at two awesome piles of webOS goodness - one of big devices, the other of small. All the same rules that applied to the raffle in the beginning apply now with the exception of two winners being drawn instead of one.  Chances can be purchased during the entire month of September. The winners will be selected by random drawing from all of the entries received up to midnight (US Central Standard Time) on September 30th. The winners will be announced and notified on Monday October 1st via the email they used to purchase the chances. The winners will have the option of remaining anonymous if they request it.

As before, proceeds will be split evenly between the community outreach branch of hurricane-hit Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana and longtime Texas HIV/AIDS community volunteer Sally Johnson. The recipients of the donated proceeds will be publicly reported in order to show thanks as well as provide accountability to the webOS community for the donation.

Raffle entry chances can be purchased via PayPal to GiveForAGo@gmail.com in US $10 increments only. They should be made by selecting "Send Money" and "Personal" and "Gift". This will ensure all of the proceeds are available to the recipients. Any transfers received not in US currency or in $10 increments will be returned with no entries secured. Personal Checks or money orders will not be accepted for this opportunity.

So get out there and buy some raffle entries folks! You'll be helping out some very awesome causes and get two chances to snag some sweet webOS gear. There's only two weeks left to enter and Rich would like to raise as much money as possible for these causes!