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We're now just a couple of weeks into Summer, and schools everywhere are letting the kids run free in the world again. Of course, it just so happens that the best time to try out new apps is right during a change in seasons - and what better season to get adventurous with your devices than Summer? Here are a few of our own favorite apps that we've downloaded from the app catalog in preperation for Summer Vacation. 


If you're going to be checking out a lot of new places this Summer (or travelling), we can't stop recommending the Foursquare app (built by Zhephree). While many users will grab it for the coupons or racking up points against their friends, you can also use Foursquare just to track where you've been and leave messages about what you did there.

It's helped more than a few people remember the name of that bar they visited a week before, or even where they parked the car! Just check-in and keep going, Foursquare is Free in the catalog.

TripThat (and TripAdvisor)

While you're getting ready to travel the country (or the world) for your Summer Vacation, it's a good idea to have an itinerary set on your device to keep up with what is happening next. TripThat is the only TripIt client for webOS, and currently allows you to import your schedules to the free service and put it all in an easy to use application for viewing at any time.

Whether you're taking planes, trains or automobiles, TripThat is essential for keeping your trip organized and hassle-free. It's $4.99 in the catalog, and you can also pair that with TripAdvisor (which is free) for finding all the good spots in the cities you're visiting.


Travelling the world this Summer? Then it's probably a good idea to have a translator on hand with you. Luckily, this free app which uses Google Translator, is available in the app catalog for anyone who will be travelling out of their country.

With Translator you have 45 languages to choose from, no matter where you might be. Very handy for when you need help getting directions, or if you just want to find a bathroom. It's not meant for having long, in-depth conversations, but at a cost of $0, it gets the job done.

MOLO Photo Filters Pro

We love taking photographs everywhere we go, and like services on other platforms, Molo Photo Filters lets us take those pictures and then quickly doctor them up to look even more epic to our sorry friends stuck back at home.

The app comes with nearly a dozen filters for putting your photos through, and even comes with some options for uploading to photo-sharing services like Flickr (though, we'll stick with Casa for that part). MOLO Pro is $1.99 in the catalog, but you can also get the free version which comes with fewer filters.

Neighborhood Guide

Can't forget to check out what's around in your area, though. This cool app, Neighborhood Guide, does a search on Wikipedia for articles that are related to spots near you. Whether you're in Paris, France or your home town, Neighborhood Guide can find some really neat articles about the city's locations on Wikipedia, and then give you directions on how to get to that spot to see for yourself.

It's what every diddy-bag carrying tourist dreamed of. It's free in the catalog, so why not try it out?

What else is there?

Obviously, with a list of the Top 5, we've probably missed a few of your favorite apps that should go on the list. Check out the webOS App Catalog for yourself, and then leave your comments below to share some others that you'd like people to know about.