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This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0.5 and higher

While text auto-correction can be extremely helpful in webOS, even allowing to you manually add your own items to the user dictionary as needed, there are times that you may want to prevent auto-correction from activating. From webOS 2.0 through 3.0.4, the only way to turn off auto-correct was to open up the Text Assist app and toggle it to off. However, with the webOS 3.0.5 update, you can now create a toggle right on the virtual keyboard to switch auto-correct on or off.

To add this toggle, follow the steps below to create a secondary keyboard without an autocorrect language.

  • Open up the Regional Settings app
  • To add a new keyboard, select the "+ Add Keyboard" button.
  • Choose your "Auto-correction language" as "None" and specify if you want an AZERTY, QWERTZ or QWERTY keyboard layouts
  • Press Done
  • The first time you do this, it may have just replace the default keyboard instead of adding a new one. If you only see one keyboard listed, press the "+ Add Keyboard" and add back your original keyboard with correct default language.
  • When you are done, you should see two keyboards listed (just like the screenshot above)

Once you add more than one keyboard, you will notice that the normally-wide Symbol key (  ) will now be split into two keys, with a new language key being added to toggle between available keyboards. If it shows a language, such as "En" for English, then the keyboard has auto-correct turned on with that language. If it shows "Azy", "Qwz" or "Qwy" (for azerty vs qwertz vs qwerty), then no auto-correction will occur for as long as that keyboard is selected.

Note that if you need to delete a keyboard layout, just swipe-to-delete it off the screen in the Regional Settings app and tap the "Remove Keyboard" confirmation button. Unfortunately, if you want to reorder the listing of the keyboard, you need to delete a keyboard and re-add them in the order you want, not that it makes much of a difference if you only have two keyboards.

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