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While many owners of the TouchPad have been long-time webOS phones owners, many are being introduced to the operating system in webOS 3.0. In the last two years since debuting with webOS 1.0.1 on the Palm Pre, lots of functionally has been built into the phone-based version of the OS that has continued onto the TouchPad. In this series of Tip Roundups, we will revisit many of those old tips for all you new TouchPad owners (and as a refreshing to our long time webOS users). In case you missed our previous editions of the Phone/TouchPad Tip Roundup, you can check it out here (Part 1, Part 2)

Keep in mind that while the functionality of these tips remains the same, the screenshots and descriptions may not match up perfectly when comparing phones with a physical keyboard to the tablet. Keep reading after the break for your third PreCentral Tips review lesson.

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