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Think Beyond: HP Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad [recap]
by Derek Kessler on 2/10/2011 | Filed Under: News; Tags: - none - | 74 comments

HP's Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond event brought buckets and buckets of announcements for the webOS community. From the new TouchPad tablet to the tiny HP Veer phone to the bigger and faster-than-anything-else Pre 3, new devices were out in spades. That’s just the hardware front; there was plenty of news on the webOS front as well. It’s all below.

HP webOS Think Beyond Liveblog | Developer Event Liveblog

Recaps: Veer | Pre3 | TouchPad | webOS 2.1 | webOS 3.0


webOS 3.0


Palm, webOS 2.0, etc