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It would appear our beloved "Phone as modem" feature has vanished! Engadget has just brought to our attention that a new "Connector" field has taken the spot of the lovely tethering.

What does this mean?  Well, it could mean nothing.  It's possible Sprint just didn't want to advertise tethering anymore or that they wanted to add more information about the actual device rather than a service plan feature.  Interestingly, it also appears from the old screenshot that the "Connector" information has mistakenly been jumbled into the "Phone as modem" part, suggesting that Sprint may have just decided the quickest way to fix that would be to remove the tethering information rather than having to go deeper in their web code and add a new row.

However, it could be that Sprint has removed tethering support all-together. That would make sense given Sprint's new Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband doesn't cover tethering, only data transferred via their USB adaptor. Doesn't really seem like a very smart decision however, as Sprint is banking on this device being their saviour and really needs a home-run device.

This website change could be nothing, or it could be a subtle hint of what's to come.