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Palm had a busy week with webOS v1.4 being rolled out to all carriers. That spawned a bunch of user created videos (one of the cool features of this new version).  There was also some air of excitement around games/apps. Sure, the financial picture was less than rosy. But the attitude now seems to be, "What? Me worry?"

So here's a rundown of what went on this week in the world of Palm. Big thanks to Mike of balloongeek.com for the Pre image above!

PALM Financial News - downgrades, talks of being an acquisition target and plenty of advice.

"So what’s Palm to do? Over at Needham & Company, analyst Charlie Wolf suggests the company redouble its efforts to build out the webOS ecosystem..."

"...Buying Palm could be a way for H-P to get into the market for lower cost devices. It might have to abandon Windows, or offer two families of devices. H-P has often juggled competing product lines, diverse chip architectures and operating systems."

"H-P has also shown more marketing savvy targeting products directly to women. Women are also a big installed base Palm has been trying to retain with the Pre...."

And speaking of Sprint, you may have noticed the return of CEO Dan Hesse to the airwaves: "Our $69.99 is worth more than their $69.99."

ATD: GDC 10: Palm's Mobile Gaming Push

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next week, the company plans to release its webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK), a set of tools that will help developers to create graphics-intensive games. Perhaps more importantly, the PDK will allow devs to rewrite mobile apps that they’ve built for other platforms to run on webOS with minimal modifications. iPhone apps can be ported over in a matter of days, sources close to the company tell me, and they don’t really suffer any degradation in performance.

Note:  Timing is interesting with Sony's new push.

Pre Plus Reviews - This week there were a few Palm Pre Plus reviews of note.

"The Pre Plus isn’t perfect, but there’s an awful lot of fresh thinking packed inside its diminutive case. It’s one of the handful of phones I’d suggest as a contender to almost anyone who’s in the market for a new smartphone."

Give Palm credit, though, for thinking outside the iPhone. And if you're a dedicated Palm customer and still own the deplorable Centro, proceed immediately to the phone store and swap it for this Pre Plus -- just $149.99 online and at stores after $100 rebate -- and enjoy stepping about a light-year forward in smartphone coolness.



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The Palm Pre fans continue to dominate our "favorite phone" straw poll, but other mobiles have some passionate defenders. (Stand by for RTs) --BestBuyMobile


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