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This week, we officially welcomed the arrival of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to Verizon.  We also were inundated with a ton of hoopla related to the Apple iPad announcement. Our sister site, The iPhone Blog has extensive coverage (in case you actually missed something).  And our own Dieter Bohn had some interesting thoughts in his post:

The one thought we can't get out of our heads: the iPad combined with Mobile Hotspot on webOS sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?

Thoughts on Palm Pre Plus

PalmInfocenter (PIC) did its write-up this week. Kris Keilhack's stated:

"Personally, in just two days of usage, I feel that the Pre Plus is easily the best of Palm's current offerings. It's not worth a $600 unsubsidized purchase or breaking a Sprint contract, but it's a no-brainer for someone wanting the best possible webOS experience. Whether or not it is Palm's best-ever device is certainly up for debate and greatly depends on the usage habits and personality of the user. The Pre Plus' hardware changes are far from revolutionary but make for a nice holdover while Palm readies a true next-generation device."

webOS v1.4 - what to expect...  Derek Kessler gave us a preview of some of the features (i.e. Flash capability) that can be expected in the next major revision of webOS

Stoked about webOS Games...  Assasin's Creed on webOS is garnering a lot of positive buzz.  The word on Visual Boy Advance is very positive (lots of tweets).  Our own Jason wrote:

"... an opensource Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance emulator available for numerous operating systems. DtzWill, with the aid of people at WebOS-Internals, has sucessfully ported and enhanced it for webOS. It's up and available now in Preware."

Google Voice on webOS -- Stepping up their game, Google has, according to Dieter, improved the heck out of their mobile Google Voice interface.

The good news is that this 'designed for iPhone' look and feel works just fine on the webOS browser." Google Voice users can hit it up at:  google.com/voice/m

Additions to the App Store -- The App Store continues to grow.  Here's our daily coverage for the week:  Jan 25, Jan 26, Jan 27, and Jan 28.

Smartphone Round Robin - iPhone Guy's write-up - Last week we talked about the video. Here's the companion post.

The biggest thing about this year’s Round Robin is that every device-maker brought the competition. Apple is still ahead in some areas, but they’ve been overtaken in some others. Apple having to catch up… that’s good for iPhone users, and it’s good for everyone.

For updates, check here.

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