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Mobile World Congress was crickets-ville for webOS news as the anticipated release of webOS Version 1.4 didn't happen on Monday. Derek K had a nice post that explained how the webOS update process works (it garnered 160 comments!).

"Generally it takes a few weeks from Palm seeding the update to developers and carriers to when the update is released. Now, a few weeks is not any sort of guarantee for an update release, sometimes it takes longer, sometimes it happens faster. (As an ironic aside, February 15th was also a rumored launch date for the Palm Pre - in 2009. People got all worked up over Palm "missing" that date as well, when all that was promised was "first half of 2009.")

At the very least, we should still see webOS 1.4 in some form by the end of the month. Palm publicly promised that on stage at CES. There’s a reason we filed the leaked update under “rumors” and approached it with cautious optimism. It doesn’t always pan out. Take this to heart: webOS 1.4 is coming this month. Just not yesterday."

So with no Palm news to chase, Dieter Bohn did manage to get Adobe to show Flash working on webOS. Working... yes. Ready for prime time? Not quite.

Note:  Want to learn more about what happened at the Mobile World Congress? The Smartphone Experts team has done 3 podcasts.

Derek let us know that the Palm App Catalog broke the 1500 mark just 49 days after hitting 1000.

Also, a shift away from the Verizon "Mom ad" to one which emphasized how the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are feature-packed smartphones was well received (and appreciated). Derek wrote "In 30 seconds time Big Red manages to cover more than Palm managed in their entire series of launch commercials."

Note:  You used to be able to see the new ad on YouTube (here), but it is now blocked.

But the omission of the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus from Verizon's "Get Smarter -- Get the Freedom to Choose" print ad was a bummer. 

Then again Verizon (and Palm ) are probably just being selective on which markets should get the bulk of the advertising buys. Per this post, the Pre Plus is garnering lots of visibility.

>> Review: ZDNet's Matthew Miller ("Verizon Palm Pre Plus can't win back this Palm fan yet") --  Miller, who is also part of the Smartphone Experts team, has posted an update that states his review unit may have been defective:

"...Most of the issues I had with the Palm Pre Plus were due to the hardware. I think the webOS operating system is revolutionary for Palm and an attractive choice in today’s smartphone world."

 >> App Watch:  It was a really good week for webOS apps.  Among the highlights:

  • Earthworm Jim has made the leap to webOS!
  • My webOS Apps is in beta.  Per Shane O'Sullivan's YouTube video on an app for webOS developers, this is a great tool for webOS developers to track the apps that have been submitted to the Palm App Catalog and receive notifications when an app has shipped.
  • Additions to the App Catalog. Again, there were daily additions to the App Catalog: Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 17, Feb 18 and Feb 19.
  • Assassin’s Creed and Gangstar both have Free demo versions available.
  • Also, just past my deadline last week, Palm's blog had a post on the favorite that apps some of the folks inside Palm are using these days.

>> Tip: Getting around automated voice response systems...

>> Another item of note:  John Dvorak wrote about a fundamental shift that has taken place in the basic functionality of a mobile device -- from hardware focus to software focus. This puts Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Research In Motion , Palm and Samsung at risk. It seems to favor HTC

>> Sightings. This week, it was on Fox's 24 (Episode 8)

>> What's Tweetin'. Here's a quick rundown of what's been tweeted about this week.

  • Reference to an old BillShrink post on Total Cost of Ownership: Droid vs iPhone 3GS vs Palm Pre vs Nexus One
  • Some annoying fastpages.com tweets
  • More disgust at the Mom Pre Plus ads:

OH NO! my @palm #Pre is being marketed to moms! as a 28yo man have I made a grave error in phone choice?

Am I alone in thinking Palm Pre new ads are sexist? Simple navigation for a woman/mom. Uh...yeah...all these buttons are so confusing.

Funny/scary how fast the Palm Pre went from "iPhone killer" to "the mom phone".

  • Tech pundit, Harry McCracken tweeted, "I'm carrying an Iphone 3gs, a Palm Pre Plus, and a Droid today. Between them, they're the perfect phone!" (retweeted many times).

"Overall the Palm Pre and Pre Plus is an awesome phone with a great operating system and as a business owner it has made me a lot more productive. The Pre's features are ideal for the busy, versatile and dynamic person. Currently it's probably the best phone for me but it really depends on the user and how you use it."

A closing thought:

Told my mom how I wanted the Palm Pre Plus. She totally went out and got it for herself. Go figure.

That's a wrap!