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Super rumors drove Palm stock as high as $11.29 before closing out the week at $10:38. M&A potential said one analyst. Palm posted that they will be in South Beach for the Super Bowl.  Palm's Jon Zilber wrote:

"Palm is taking part in a pre-game bash in Miami's ultra ultra South Beach, where athletes and entertainment VIPs are joining forces to salute the USO’s role in supporting the U.S. Armed Services and honor a select group of service members attending the event. We'll be showing off Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus at the event and are pleased to be providing webOS devices and service to the members of the military attending."

Of course, Sprint was all about Sunday's Big Game with its NFL Mobile Live app providing in-depth Super Bowl XLIV analysis, game highlights and news from NFL Network, NFL.com, SB Nation and ProFootballTalk.com including:

  • A live round-the-clock stream of NFL Network, including all the official Super Bowl press conferences carried live.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Super Bowl XLIV parties, concerts and more provided by NFL Network's Rich Eisen, Sprint Exclusive Entertainment, and Fox Sports' Jay Glazer.

They also just concluded their popular Sprint's Phone-a-Friend event

So what else is going on in the world of Palm?

More Pre Plus reviews:

Mercury News Columnist, Troy Wolverton said:

"Unfortunately, the Pre Plus in the end doesn't do justice to the potential and capabilities of Palm's webOS..."

"...Another big problem with it is that Palm is wedded to the idea that users want a physical keyboard. But it's become clear that touch-screen devices — even those with physical keyboards — need to offer users the option of a virtual keyboard."

 AP's Rachel Metz said:

"Regardless of which handset you have or covet, more features are coming soon: Palm plans to roll out a software update for both the new and old Pres and Pixis this month that will enable video recording and sharing, video and photo editing. It will also include a way for the phones to play Flash videos on Web sites like Hulu, a feature missing from Apple Inc.'s iPhone and upcoming iPad.
It may not be starting a smart phone revolution, but the updated handsets and upcoming changes show Palm is definitely stepping up its game.

App Watch:

Slacker Radio now available for webOS -- "impressive" says Dieter.

pReader as eReader alternative

Review: NewsRoom ( $4.99) -- Robert W of PreCentral said "Color me impressed. Sure, News Room is on the steeper side of the price spectrum, but it's easily one of the most polished apps in the App Catalog. The excellent user interface, superior configurability, ability to manage feeds right from the app without having to fuss with my Google Reader account all go towards making this one of top RSS readers available to webOS."

Thoughts on Apps -- the $1 million Question

Additions to the App Store

Sightings: Fat Wallet, Castle (Upside down!) and New Ads ("Keeping up with Moms")...

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  • New Verizon Ads (GASP) -- Lots of reaction to the new Verizon Palm Pre Plus ads.

RT: @vara411: The more I watch Verizon's ads for the Palm Pre Plus, the more I realize @Palm just can't catch a break in advertising.

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