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Talkin' Palm - Edition 45
by Annie Latham on 6/22/2010 | Filed Under: News; Tags: palm pre plus, webos | 5 comments

Since our last edition, the buzz continues to be about webOS versus the other options (i.e. iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G, etc.). People are wondering what HP-Palm's next steps will be product-wise. On the promotion front, Palm is in the midst of their Summer Road Trip with stops last week in Chicago followed by Madison, Wisconsin.  Also, paying attention to sporting events (World Cup, U.S. Open, NBA Finals, MLB Inter-league) via smartphone is a huge past time for many.

So let's Talk Palm!


The Street's Gary Krakow Asks, "Will there be another Palm Phone?" We answer: Yes.

 But they ARE Hiring… PreCentral wrote  off about a job posting for a Senior Product Manager - webOS Smartphones. From the job description, it appears that this will remain a crucial line for HP's Palm division:

In this fast-paced, highly visible, challenging and coveted role, you will oversee the definition, launch and lifecycle management for our smartphone products. You must be an effective communicator with strong technical skills who can drive the definition and execution of our next generation smartphones. The ideal candidate will balance business acumen and a technical understanding of mobile operator & end user requirements with Palm's capabilities & strengths to deliver world-class, innovative smartphones to both the domestic and international markets. 

And talking about hiring activity, this post appeared. The developer of iPhone award-winning app, Touchnote wants to port their award-winning app to Palm Pre / Pixi.


Palm Summer Tour

Via their Facebook page, Palm invited its fans in Chicago to test drive the latest Palm phones and score a chance to win one of ten Palm Pre Plus phones per day. Destinations included Michigan Avenue Shopping Areas and Navy Pier on Friday, June 11. The next day, Palm was at the perimeter of Lincoln Park/Zoo and strategically placed near Wrigleyville for the Cubs v. White Sox game.

Other Highlights:

App News:

  • Video Conferencing to webOS phones?
  • World Cup App for webOS is FREE - Palm is excited for the World Cup! Check out World Cup Manager, the complete guide to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. It's free in the Palm App Catalog.
  • The Featured Apps App - This FREE app provides weekly highlights of favorite apps from the Palm App Catalog.


  • Option Key - In Palm's blog, there was a post about the webOS multi-purpose Option key on Palm smartphones.

What's Tweetin'

  • Guide to Exporting #webOS contacts to a .CSV file, Thanks to the Precentral our community! http://bit.ly/dcEqrT (via @MrKal_El) --mahootzki
  • The #palm #pre app World Cup Manager by JoCo is fantastic, and free. Don't miss out. 9:59 AM Jun 10th via Tweed --olesens

  • Well giving the Palm Pre a shot to see how I like this phone compared to my Blackberry Curve... -- josephmeadows
  • Palm Pre + Sprint MobileTV + ESPN = Every World Cup Game in the palm of my hand. Awesome. -- evansgw
  • @androidcentral i think thats wrong, my Palm Pre would have wifi signal all over my office and warehouse, the EVO rarely has a wifi signal. -- mikevember
  • Stitcher Introduces Live Streaming to its Popular Palm Pre App http://bit.ly/b6kc1h #mobile #phone -- CristieDrake

  • Bad news: due to cost, I had to turn off ESPN. Good news: I can watch World Cup on my @palm Pre. -- aabhowell
  • Hate that my @palm pre battery dies so quick but love that it charges so quickly. +20% in about 15 minutes. -- 5xBEAR
  • Tweeting from my Palm Pre. Thinking bout returning my HTC EVO. I miss the interface and simplicity of webOS -- chiJRT


  • Palm Pre one year later; What went right, wrong, and what’s ahead | PreCentral.net http://bit.ly/c25sqs -- deks85
  • Is @Grooveshark for @Palm #Pre a great invention or the greatest invention ever? -- htpalmer
  • Palm Pre review – size of Pre vs legacy Palms http://tinyurl.com/35p6nj3 -- LeuRice
  • Dear @Palm, Why can't I hit the orange button then hit delete to erase in the other direction on my @palm @pre????? -- Nohl

Fun times...

In case you missed the FIFA World Cup match between England and the United States, here is a re-enactment of the highlights (lowlights?) using LEGOs.

That's a wrap!