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The arrival of the Palm Pre Plus in the UK (Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Available Soon for O2 Customers in the UK ), buzz about HP's first webOS tablet and the possibility of a HP webOS printer,  and more reviews of the Palm Pre Plus were the main topics talked about this week. There was also quite a bit of interest in the SIM unlock now being available for AT&T Palm Pre Plus.  And speaking of AT&T, we mentioned last week how the Pixi Plus will be available on June 6.  The big question is whether the next day, Steve Jobs will be unveiling the next generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developer's Conference AND if AT&T will remain the exclusive carrier.

Let's talk Palm...

Check out the page in question right here and start scrolling. As you can see, Bell offers the iPhone, BlackBerry devices and ooooh, the Motorola Dext. Clickable buttons are available for each platform, allowing you to explore more devices and apps available for each. But wait… Where’s the Pre and all of the App Catalog apps?"

Jon Zilber wrote: You can help us spread the word by tweeting the following: "I'm tweeting about Palm's cool Hot Apps (http://tinyurl.com/2amjk7o) for a chance to win one of 10 Touchstones #fastmovers". We'll randomly pick ten people who retweet before 11:59 PM on May 31, 2010 and send them a free Touchstone. 

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  • Win A Book Apart: Now through May 27, when you use Gowalla on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, or iPad ... http://bit.ly/b46ZVI -- FMC_Chicago
  • @palmsolo that makes me want to get an AT&T Palm Pre Plus, unlock it, and use it on TMobile -- wusaint
  • blog: Impressions after two weeks with the Palm Pre Plus http://bit.ly/aNT8op -- vibol
  • @Palm Do you have an answer? Watching Ted.com Talks on my Pre?! How is that working? Page doesn't render quite right, but video plays! -- dmangrum
  • @palm My Pre just met tivo.com and scheduled my @Tivo to record what I heard about on the radio in my car. Who needs anything more? App? -- SirWill


No iPads in Yankee Stadium

Steer clear of Yankee Stadium if you cannot break away from your iPad for a few hours. The stadium has a policy that prohibits fans from bringing laptops inside, and iPads are included in that ban. The team said it was a security-and-safety issue. Yankee Stadium is among the most tech-savvy parks in the majors. Every player has a computer screen at his locker, in fact.

Palm Pre and Pixi phones are still ok, of course :D