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This week, with the arrival of the Palm Pre Plus at AT&T, webOS is now an option at all three of the major US mobile carriers (joining Sprint and Verizon Wireless).  Topics of discussion since the last edition include reviews of the AT&T Pre Plus, the mystery outage that hit the Palm App Catalog on Saturday, HP's earnings, the pending arrival of the Pre Plus/Pixi Plus at O2 in the UK and the Pixi Plus at AT&T. Also, there was a Pre sighting… on Survivor (!?). So let's talk Palm!

 AT&T Palm Pre Plus is now available.

Check out PreCentral's review here.  Some highlights:

  • The Palm Pre Plus on AT&T has solid hardware, mature software, and most importantly finally gives US-based GSM lovers a webOS option.
  • Build quality on our review unit is the best we've ever seen on a Palm Pre.
  • The keyboard is also much improved over even the Verizon Pre Plus.
  • The AT&T Palm Pre Plus runs webOS 1.4.2. We are told that it is functionally identical to Verizon and Sprint's webOS - the only significant change are the necessary additions to make it compatible with AT&T's different radio.
  • GPS, Assisted GPS, and tower-location all work very reliably and very quickly, unlike the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. On every app we were able to get a quick location and even in many cases a direct GPS lock even while indoors with the default location settings.

If you've been waiting to get a webOS device on AT&T, you should have no qualms about picking up the Palm Pre Plus. If you're an AT&T user and not sure whether the Palm Pre Plus is right for you, we strongly recommend heading to an AT&T store and checking one out in person once they're available.

CNET's take is here.  Also, this is what Sascha Segan of PC Magazine had to say:  "AT&T's Palm Pre Plus, like all Palm Pre models, is a good smartphone, but it doesn't outmatch the iPhone."

Also, AT&T has revealed that June 6th (a date that launch-day Sprint Pre owners should recognize) as the launch date for the WiFi-equipped, blue-backed Palm Pixi Plus on its website. It will be selling for the previously announced price of $49.95 with a new two-year contract.

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to be Available Soon for O2 Customers in the UK- On May 28, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus will be available in the UK on on O2’s range of smartphone tariffs which all offer unlimited data, unlimited public Wi-Fi at The Cloud and BT Openzone and unlimited texts as well as a range of included minutes to suit every pocket.

Problems with Palm's App Store - After what can only be described as a strange and somewhat frantic Saturday for webOS users, Palm has tweeted out that that App Catalog downloads are working again - after what looks to have been nearly 18 hours of downtime.

Sprint Admits Pre Didn't Meet Expectations - Per our post, File this one under "Stuff we knew, deep down inside." While discussing Sprint's future and the upcoming EVO 4G launch, CFO Bob Brust took a moment to talk about how the Palm Pre fared on his network:

"The Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped," he said. Brust said Sprint didn't have enough Pres to meet demand, which he said will not be an issue with the Evo

HP - Palm News:

  • Breaking up is Expensive to do - Palm has agreed to pay HP (NYSE: HPQ) $33 million if it terminates the $1.2 billion merger between the two companies, but the likelihood of Palm finding a better suitor or a more intriguing deal is highly improbable at this point.
  • Out of 16 companies it reached out to, the list was narrowed down to five serious candidates that showed varying levels of interest in Palm. Almost all made a serious offer, some for cash and offers to purchase intellectual property or rights to its webOS operating system
  • HP's Earnings beat Estimates - Riding high on a wave of renewed tech spending, Hewlett-Packard reported earnings Tuesday that easily beat analysts' expectations and prompted the world's biggest technology company to raise its full-year forecast for the second time since its fiscal year began. PCs and consumer gadgets: $10 billion in sales for the quarter, up 21 percent from a year ago.  Shaw Wu, an analysts with Kaufman Bros. said HP is "the most complete technology company in the world."

Other News:

Research: Gartner's Latest Numbers - According to the Gartner report "Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 1Q10," Android and Apple were the winners in the the smartphone market for the first quarter of 2010.

  • Android moved to the No. 4 position displacing Microsoft Windows Mobile for the first time.
  • Both Android and Apple were the only two OSs vendors among the top five to increase market share year-on-year.
  • Symbian remained in the No. 1 position but continued to lose as Nokia remains weak in the high-end portfolio.  
  • Also, smartphones accounted for 17.3 per cent of all mobile handset sales in the first quarter of 2010, up from 13.6 per cent in the same period in 2009.

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