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by Derek Kessler
Jun 29, 2011
Bluetooth keyboard support for webOS was added in version 2.0, but it wasn’t February that we got our first official webOS keyboard. Well, to be more accurate, we got our first official look at...
by Jason Harrison
Aug 06, 2010
Pre can do that too and it ain't nuttin' new! (What's this? Read the BlackBerry Torch Review at CrackBerry.com)
by Robert Werlinger
Mar 29, 2010
The Pixi. Palm's second webOS based phone launched on Sprint back in September with relatively little fanfare, and while there's plenty of great information (including our very own in-depth...
by Derek Kessler
Jan 01, 2010
Obviously we’re going to be the types to tell you that the Palm Pre is one of - if not the - best smartphones of 2009. This is PreCentral, after all. But we’re not alone in out praise of the first...