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Inglorious Apps pulls support for webOS
by Ryan St. Andrie
Nov 20, 2012
Much famed and long time webOS app developer Inglorious Apps is officially pulling support for their webOS apps as can be seen in all of their app descriptions in the webOS App Catalog. This isn...
Notes HD Password Protect
by Adam Marks
Jul 27, 2012
Notes HD, by Inglorious Apps, is the TouchPad version of the popular Notes text editor app. Completely rewritten in Enyo, Notes HD features most of the same features from its little brother, such as...
webOS apps for designers
by Sharon L Copeland
Apr 09, 2012
Form, function, color, and style are the hallmarks of great design. If great designers like Jamie Drake or Candice Olsen lacked one of these components they would not have created the show-stopping...
WP Central
by Derek Kessler
Mar 07, 2012
The built-in Memos app for webOS isn't all that great. We all know it. With a big 9.7-inch screen like that on the TouchPad, its even more unforgivable how basic it is and how little its been...