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What would a webOS smartphone need to be competitive today?
by Derek Kessler
Sep 17, 2012
It's time for a webOS Nation brainstorming session. Late last week we were all some combination of perturbed, disturbed, hopeful, wistful, enraged, or just play befuddled when HP CEO Meg Whitman...
by Tim Stiffler-Dean
Jul 04, 2011
If you want to read more real-world reviews of the new HP TouchPad, our community members are some of the best to listen to.  You've no doubt already read our mega-review of the HP TouchPad that we...
by Dieter Bohn
Jul 24, 2009
We're currently tracking all the undocumented improvements to webOS 1.1 on the Palm Pre in this forum thread, (and here too), the stuff not covered in the changelog.  Well, I'm here to say that...
by Jonathan Downer
Feb 17, 2009
With so much Pre news floating around all over the place lately, it can be hard to keep up. New features are being announced, and questions are being answered on a near daily basis. To help...