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UK in love with Pre?

It's looking the Pre is set to make quite a splash when it's released this Friday in the UK, with what appears to be stronger consumer interest in the debut of Palm's handheld than what was shown for the original iPhone: Over a quarter of mobile users are saying that they're going to get a Pre.

A study conducted by UK research firm TNS Technology finds that out of 1,000 people polled, 26% would definitely or probably buy the Palm Pre, compared to 17% polled in a similar study for iPhone back in 2007. Additionally, amongst the existing O2 customers polled, 27% are looking to buy the Pre, compared to 17% for the original iPhone, and 32% on other carriers are likely to switch to O2 get their hands the Pre.

The Pre's launch comes at an interesting time in the UK as many of the original iPhone adopters contracts will be ending right around the time of the Pre's release, similar to the timing Pre's release in the US (this time without brazen comments from a certain managing director for Elevation Partners). 

Palm's brand has traditionally been weak in European markets, and the numbers in this study suggests that's beginning to change. The Pre will be sold ranging from £96.89 ($152.94) to free, depending on contract, starting this Friday on O2 in the UK.

[via: electronista]