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This week, J.D. Power and Associates released their 2009 Wireless Call Quality Performance Study (Volume 1) and it contained some good news for Palm and Sprint.  Sprint received a top ranking in the West where the company tied Verizon for the number one slot.   In the Northeast, Sprint ranked better than AT&T and T-Mobile USA.   They were better than T-Mobile in the Mid-Atlantic and North Central and better than everybody but Verizon Wireless in the Southeast.  

Per an article posted on the Sprint Connection, “Sprint leaders were pleased to get the top ranking in one region and demonstrate improvement in four out of six regions.”  Company spokesperson, Roni Singleton, was quoted saying:

“We believe this means the improvements we’re making, especially the aggressive work we’ve been doing to enhance our network performance, are providing our customers with high quality voice connections.  As I’ve said before, we’re confident that customer perceptions will continue to reflect the significant improvements we’re making to enhance their experiences whether it’s with our network, customer service, value pricing plans or innovative devices.”

Verizon claimed the top spot in all but one region – tying with Sprint in the West for top honors.  Verizon’s regional president, Christine Baron noted Verizon’s commanding position in the wireless industry is due to the strength of its network.

The J.D. Power & Associates semi-annual study measures wireless call quality based on seven problem areas that impact overall carrier performance: dropped calls; static/interference; failed connection on the first try; voice distortion; echoes; no immediate voicemail notification; and no immediate text message notification. Call quality issues are measured as problems per 100 (PP100) calls, where a lower score reflects fewer problems and higher quality.

Tamara 'the Gadgetress' Chuang at the OC Register had a nice write-up about this that’s worth checking out.

Doing the Math:  If A = B, and B = C, wouldn’t A = C?  
Palm can only hope so!  Boy Genius Report had an interesting story earlier in the month about how Verizon Wireless is “grilling” their exiting customers about the iPhone during exit surveys.

That kind of got me wondering… If customers said they would stay with Verizon if the carrier had a cool phone (like the iPhone), and Sprint is equal to Verizon on call quality, then wouldn’t customers gravitate to Sprint for their upcoming cool phone – The Palm Pre?

That’s the ponderable.

Note:  Special thanks to Jason who tipped us to the J.D. Power story!