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As was announced back during the Sprint Open Developers Conference last month, Sprint has finished rolling out free conditional call forwarding out to everyone so folks with a Google Voice account can start using the Google Voicemail service while keeping their Sprint number as their primary number. 

Gone now is the $0.20 per minute charge for no answer and busy call forwarding, replaced with the ability to manage your voicemail visually with Google Voice online and with programs like dkGoogleVoice and gDial Pro right on your webOS powered handset of choice.

Conditional call forwarding uses the *28xxxxxxxxxx code, where the xxxxxxxxxx is your phone number. Note that your original number still rings before forwarding happens and you'll need to futz with your Google Voice settings if you want to send calls directly to voicemail before rining your Google Voice number. There's plenty more information in this forum thread. Dial *38 to turn it off. Direct *72 call forwarding still costs you $.20 per minute.

While everyone's Sprint account should be updated as of this posting, it may not be a bad idea to call Customer Service (dial *2) before enabling this feature just to make sure.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!