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Not content with the type of traditional television advertising that TV watchers increasingly skip over with their new-fangled DVRs, Sprint is sponsoring two “mini-drama” ads based off of ABC’s Desperate Housewives and NBC’s Heroes. The AP has profiled these two new mini-drama ads, which are filmed in the same style as their parent series, but not using any of the same cast. These dramatized ads briefly but prominently feature the Palm Pre, sporting some quite conspicuous Sprint branding. The Heroes mini-drama series "Lydia's Tale" follows tattoo-shifting Lydia in the search for her daughter, and the “Another Desperate Housewife” mini-mystery is more tongue-in-cheek than the series itself (not that I watch it), with a voiceover declaring that, “This is suspicion, on The Now Network.” No, that’s not subtle at all...

The Pre has also shown up on a number of television shows now that the fall broadcast season is finally upon us. So far we’ve seen the Pre on freshman CBS drama The Good Wife and CBS’s top comedy Two and a Half Men (pictured after the break), though neither went into how the phone actually works - they were just props in actors hands. It also seems that the Pre has shown up on Heroes, though we haven’t been able to grab a conclusive screenshot just yet.

Pre on Two and a Half Men
Alan Harper (player by Jon Cryer) with a Palm Pre on Two and a Half Men.

Have you seen a Pre on your favorite show? Shoot us a screenshot from Hulu or the like, or let us know what episode and about what time in the episode we can expect to see our favorite little smartphone! Send your Pre-sightings to pretips@precentral.net.