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Remember the huge ruckus about SERO back when the Pre first launched on Sprint? For the uninitiated, SERO stands for Sprint Employee Referral Offer, and was a supremely good deal for Sprint customers that knew how to work the system (it wasn’t really that difficult, to be honest). SERO was discontinued a few years back, though subscribers on the plan at the time were grandfathered thanks to the magic that is a legally-binding contract between the cellular provider (Sprint) and the subscriber (a lot of you).

The ruckus was over the fact that Sprint would not allow SERO users to get a Palm Pre on their plans - Sprint required at the bare minimum the $70-a-month Everything Data package, even though the SERO plans generally equaled the data, minute, and text allotments for significantly less coin. Not wanting to pay hundreds more dollars over the course of a two year contract, many SERO owners loudly and stubbornly refused to upgrade to the Pre, only to find themselves locked out of pretty much every other new Sprint smartphone, which carried a similar Everything Data minimum requirement.

Sprint’s heard you, SERO subscribers, and they’ve listened. In a bid to get you to upgrade and stay with Sprint, they’re offering you a compromise: SERO Premium. The new SERO Premium plans, kicking in on October 1st, match current SERO plans on features and add in Any Mobile Anytime and unlimited Sprint Nav GPS navigation. The two options, available only to current SERO subscribers, clock in at 500 minutes plus unlimited data, texting, etc for $40 a month, or 1250 minutes plus extras for $59.99 a month.

Oh, and here’s the important part: you’ll finally be able to grab new smartphones while staying on SERO (at least in spirit). Yes, you’ll be able to get a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi, as well as a number of other Sprint smartphones (including the HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G, for the requisite $10 more a month for that 4G suffix). It’s a compromise: Sprint keeps you as a customer, you get the phone you want, everybody goes home happy. Of course, you could just stick with your old SERO plan and your Treo 755p... we won’t judge.

Source: Sprint