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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse  

It’s been no secret that Sprint has a customer service problem, or is at least broadly perceived to have a customer service problem. Understandably, CEO Dan Hesse and everybody below him in Overland Park, Kansas, have been working hard to get that perception turned around, and it looks like they’re starting to get results. The recently released 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index rates Sprint as the most improved company, not just among telecom giants, but all US firms across all industries over the past two years.

Considering the improvements that many companies have made as far as quality and customer satisfaction are concerned (see: GM and Ford), it’s quite the testament to Sprint’s efforts that their numbers have risen dramatically in comparison to most other companies. Programs like Ready Now and plans like Any Mobile, Anytime certainly don't hurt. It’s also a testament to how far Sprint had to improve that they could log a 14-point improvement in two years time and still have a massive public perception problem.

We know that a good chunk of you (the faithful readership) are Sprint users - let’s hear it: how satisfied are you with Sprint?

Via: TreoCentral, Source: Sprint