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We've gotten used to reading Sprint's quarterly reports: the questions have always been "how many subscribers lost, how much money lost, and how many more quarters of this can Sprint take?" Well, things are still in the red for Sprint when it comes to profit and subscribers, but it's not quite the free-flowing blood-red that we've become accustomed to, at least when you look at the subscriber base.

Sprint registered a net loss of $478 million on revenue of $8 billion. The press release hastens to add that they have $660 million in "Free Cash Flow," which we're reading as "We're not dead yet!"

They also lost a net 135,000 subscribers, but Sprint hastens to call this their "best net retail subscriber results in more than two years." Yeah, it's been like that for Sprint.

Last quarter, which ended at the end of July, saw Sprint drop 257k subscribers. Sprint also lost $384 million last quarter

We're going to go ahead and give the Pre some credit for the improvement despite whisperings that the device still isn't performing up to expectations. Sprint actually had a nice time these past few months, with arguably the best high-end handset lineup in the US.

Competition is getting tougher for Sprint, though: Verizon is catching up and quickly in the handset department and T-Mobile is coming at them from the other direction with calling plans that take a page from Sprint's own everything plans.