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Sprint announced February 16th that they've started offering a new plan for business and consumer customers that combines the unmatched value of Simply Everything with the productivity of wireless 3G for a laptop.

Enter The Simply Everything plan + Mobile Broadband giving customers:

  • The power of mobility with unlimited text
  • Picture and video messaging
  • GPS navigation
  • Email and Web surfing on their phone
  • Plus 5 GB of blazing Internet access on their laptop

Sprint customers get all this for $149.99 per month. (No additional discounts apply on Simply Everything plan or Mobile Broadband Connection plan.)

I've seen the new commercial with Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse in which he's riding in the back of a limo or taxi and he's on his laptop. He talks about the new plan and how it's so great for people on the go who live a wireless life. Hesse says that the plan can save you $599 per year.

Sprint says that the Simply Everything plan + Mobile Broadband allows customers to use their Mobile Broadband Card or USB modem to get ultra-fast acess to the Internet on their laptop.

At first, I was thinking this is great since the Pre can be used as a modem via Bluetooth tethering / Micro USB connector with USB 2.0. But... this plan really isn't about tethering, but is a plan for your smartphone (Simply Everything Plan), and getting Broadband on your laptop via your Mobile Broadband Card or USB modem.

Some of our forum members are discussing the plan now.

jhoff80 says:

Actually this plan is for a phone plus a USB modem. Nothing to do with tethering at all.

And cardfan replies:

Yep, this plan is for two devices. One being a smartphone and the other being an expresscard or usb modem that one usually uses on a laptop.

Before, it cost 99 + 59 a month. Now its 149. And costs the same as the SERO plans added together. Not real big news to be honest.

Most will want a cheaper (read free..lol) option of just tethering with the smartphone.

Fellow writer Brian Hart has posted up an article today about the Pre not being able to surf the net and call simultaneously on Sprint.

Do any of you plan to go for the Simply Everything plan + Mobile Broadband? Or are you satisfied with the plan you're on now?

At least we do know that the Pre can be used as a modem to tether. But I know that some people aren't too happy that they won't be able to talk and surf the net at the same time on the CDMA Sprint Pre.