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Sprint HTC EVO 4G next to Palm Pre

As was noted by our sister site, Android Central, the launch sale numbers for the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint were not quite the record they were originally supposed to have been. While Sprint first announced that "the total number of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on launch day was three times the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the market combined," today's correction describes launch day sales as "in line" with [THE FIRST THREE DAYS COMBINED] of the Instinct and Pre. Still quite respectable, to be sure, but not [ENTIRELY] the blowout first thought.

Perhaps Sprint might want to look into some of the many calculator applications available in the App Catalog and as homebrew for webOS, to help it better figure sales for its next big seller (which we certainly hope will be a new webOS device).


Source: AndroidCentral

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!