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As any business customer will tell you, Sprint’s unlimited Mobile to Mobile on their Everything Data plan is great until you have to call the office. Sprint seems to have recognized this and quietly (so quiet we’re just now hearing about it) last month added Mobile to Office to their business plans.

What Mobile to Office does is creates an unlimited calls conduit between your Sprint business phone and one landline business phone of your choice. That’s in addition to the unlimited Mobile to Mobile that already comes on Sprint’s Business Everything Data plans. With this addition Sprint callers can stop using up their Anytime Minutes for calls back to the office.

(If you're thinking a Google Voice number would be the right choice for your 'office line,' we like the way you think. Let us know how that works out for you!)

If you’ve got a Sprint Business Everything Data plan (Mobile to Office isn’t available for consumer/family versions), the easiest way to specify a landline for your Mobile to Office calling is to call Sprint’s customer service. With all the perks that Sprint gives to customers at such a low price, it still is surprising just how badly they keep hemorrhaging customers.

Thanks to carteratzion for the tip!