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Sprint has just posted their quarterly results for Q1 2009.  Here's a little quiz for you: how do you know when a quarter went badly for a company?  ...When the press release spends the first paragraph talking about how much liquidity and cash on hand the company has instead of just giving you the revenue, profit, and loss.  It sends a message and the message is: "hey guys, we're not dead yet!"

Things actually were slightly less bad than they have been in quarters past.  Sprint managed to hold losses to $594 million for the quarter (trust us, it's been worse) and also lost about 182,000 subscribers, whereas in quarters past we've seen that number closer to one million.  Luckily for them and for their commercials, they still have over 49 million subscribers.

Sprint is of course looking forward to the Palm Pre launch to help drag the company out of its doldrums.