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Well, it couldn’t all be good news in these turbulent times. Sprint/Nextel has posted their fourth quarter earnings, and the news isn’t fantastic. They’ve lost another 1.3 million subscribers and a net loss of $1.6 billion for the quarter. There is a silver lining to all this though; these numbers are actually better than what investors were expecting, and Sprint’s stock rose 24 percent to $3.45 a share (as of this writing). There is also a fair amount of optimism regarding the upcoming Pre release, and that it may be the EpiPen to Sprint’s customer allergy.

The big thing here, is that Sprint needs to narrow down WHY they’re losing so many customers. Is it lack of phones? Bad customer service? Bad network? All of the above? What do you all think? Any Sprint users out there, what are your experiences recently? As a Sprint user myself, I can say that the service has had its ups and downs, but lately things seem to have been improving  with quality of service and customer focus.