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If you were hoping for big big news from the Webinar, you will be disappointed -- the event was all about Sprint and aimed at people who might have been new to the Pre and be part of an endangered species: looking to invest.

Anyhow, in an event designed to be all about Sprint, it makes sense that the question of plans would crop up.  As you might expect from a Sprint exec, a clear answer on SERO was nowhere to be found, but we do know a bit more about what the plans can be.  For inviduals:

  • $99 Simply Everything
  • $69 Unlimited data + 450 minutes - "Everything Data"
  • $89 Unlimited Data + 900 minutes - "Everything Data"

The situation is pretty much analogous with the above for family and business plans -- any plan you want, as long as it has unlimited data.

Sprint used the word "required" a lot when it came to having an unlimited data plan with the Pre -- but it's theoretically possible that you could try to argue your way out of that for a cheaper plan.  Well, we should say "cheaper" plan, because the Pre sucks down data willy nilly all the time with Synergy.  It's even worse when you're using the device actively because, well, it does such a great job rendering web pages and pulling in email.  So we're saying that you'll almost surely go over pretty much any data cap you may have no matter how diligent you are about WiFi hotspots.

In other words -- it looks like there won't be any hard and fast requirements, but if you are looking to get a plan not enumerated above, schedule in some extra time for haggling, the hard sell, and hire a personal assistant to keep track of your data usage.