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Sprint, where we know a good many of you reside, is on the up-and-up. Just this week they posted their biggest quarterly customer gains in five years (yes, that’s 2006), adding a net 1.1 million to Sprint’s base in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2010. There’s a flip-side to that coin, however, as only 58,000 of those customers were traditional postpaid, with the other 1.04 million all pre-paid customers. That said, Sprint did experience their lowest postpaid customer churn in company history, with just 1.86 percent of postpaid leaving for greener cellular pastures.

All that said, Sprint is still losing money. This quarter marked another decline, with $139 million disappearing from Sprint’s coffers, despite the $8.3 billion in revenues for the quarter. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says he sees momentum in the company’s path, expecting Sprint to see more net customer additions in the current year. Give us some new Palm devices on Sprint and we might just agree.