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Sprint While Palm is getting access to a big pile of cash courtesy of HP, their webOS launch partner is continuing to lose money and subscribers hand over fist, but at least Sprint’s now looking at smaller hands over fists. As of the end of the last quarter Sprint had lost another 578,000 postpaid (contract) subscribers, but picked up enough prepaid (i.e. Boost Mobile) subscribers to bump their net customer loss down to 75,000.

That’s better than the loss of 148,000 from the preceding quarter, but with more and more of Sprint’s subscribers becoming the prepaid variety, you’d think that Sprint’s revenue would be taking a hit as well. It’s not so, as Sprint saw its first rise in revenue in more than three years, bringing in $8.1 billion compared to $7.8 billion the earlier quarter. The bump in revenue corresponds to a drop in the net loss (or a rise in profit, albeit still negative, if you prefer). Sprint lost $865 million in the quarter, compared to $980 million the quarter before. It’s better, but not great, but Sprint’s still working off the bad mojo from the merger with Nextel in 2005.

[via: Engadget]