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This is going to be huge...

Clearly, that’s what Sprint wants, and with the launch getting closer with each day, they’re ramping up the rhetoric and getting into the mainstream media, in this case, the New York Times. The Times notes that Sprint has been having trouble for the past several years, but we know all about that. While Sprint has had some modestly successful devices recently, most notably last summer’s Samsung Instinct. But since then Verizon and AT&T have enjoyed enormous success with the BlackBerry Storm and Apple iPhone 3G, while Sprint has lost hundreds of thousands of customers every quarter. So as you can imagine, they’ve got high hopes for the Palm Pre, which Sprint plans to market as a device that will bridge the corporate and consumer markets.

The New York Times spoke with Kevin Packingham, Sprint’s senior vice president of product and technology. He said, “It’s the highest confidence I’ve ever had going into a device launch that this is going to be a blockbuster. Since we’ve had little in the way of mass public buzz about the Pre, right now it’s hard to gauge how successful the Pre launch will be, which Packingham acknowledged: “I’m pretty sure we’ll know within the first week.”

Thanks to AdidasNYR in our forums for the tip!