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We know that Sprint employees have been training with the Palm Pre. And looks like a Sprint employee (referred to as "Freedom Fighter") who got his hands on a Palm Pre decided to take some pics of himself showing off Palm's upcoming beauty in the back office. Not only did the guy take photos of himself holding the Pre, he posted them on twitter (since gone) for the world to see! Oops! I guess if we can all see the pics, so can this Sprint employee's boss. 

We're going to go ahead and use the disguise that Engadget gave the "Sprint Freedom Fighter."  It all really exploded in our Palm Pre forums after the "freedom fighter" contacted one of our forum members and said that he might have lost his job already.

We always appreciate seeing all the great photos during silly season, but please be careful if you're going to actually post pics of "yourself" holding the Pre.  As much as we love seeing the Pre in the wild, we don't want people losing their jobs over it!