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The HP Pre 3 and TouchPad are still fresh in our hearts and minds, but there are still some niggling issues, like price, release date, and carriers. While we may have heard something about the first two items for the tablet, the smartphone has been a big unknown. Jon Rubinstein did say that the Pre 3 would be a CDMA + GSM world phone (a big happy for us), so that leaves two potential US carriers: Sprint and Verizon.

We’re now hearing from deep within Sprint that the nation’s #3 carrier anticipates that they will continue to have a relationship with HP, which could lead to the new devices on Sprint. This news comes from the head of Sprint Social Ninjas, an unofficial Sprint program that encourages employees to become active brand ambassadors through Facebook, Twitter, and the like:

At this point there is nothing we are asking you to do proactively - but reactively we wanted you to know that our key message stands as: HP (through the former Palm) has been a strong partner of Sprint for many years. We expect to continue working with HP moving forward.

For now there is no action needed on your part, but if and when we have anything more regarding the [sic] HP and/or webOS we will certainly post it here.

There is hope, huddled and yearning masses that own an original Sprint Palm Pre. It's but a glimmer of hope, but given recent news, any glimmer is a good thing. Perhaps Sprint's working with HP will be to "make things right."