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Two separate reports have come in claiming that Sprint employees are already training up on the Palm Pre.  The first from Sarah Lacy (the reporter who managed to pull the new Pre features out of McNamee) claims via Twitter that Sprint employees "are training on them, but they don't come out until June."  There's a similar report over at SprintUsers from Awake:

Good news, several Sprint stores in my area have received brochures and literature on the Pre today. The store advocate said they should get a demo and live model within weeks, they expect the Pre will launch in 3 weeks!

Awake double-checked that these employees were talking about the Pre and not the Treo Pro, but don't take it as gospel that the unlikely February 15th launch we reported on is now a bit more likely.  Why not?  Well, at sister site WMExperts we find confirmation that Palm's Treo Pro on Sprint has been delayed until, guess what, February 15th.  So either Febuary 15th will be a day of miracles for Sprint and Palm or there are a few wires getting crossed somewhere.