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Looking for more depressing evidence about the likelihood of the HP Pre3 not coming to Sprint? Just the other day a slew of reporters were brought to Sprint’s headquarters where they had a round table with CEO Dan Hesse and product development chief Farid Adib. After mulling over the future of their unlimited plans and hinting that big 4G news would come this fall (LTE, anyone?), they were asked about the rumors that Sprint would in fact not be carrying the next flagship webOS phone (having taken a pass on the Pre Plus and Pre 2). Said Adib:

“HP ... has been a lifelong partner of Sprint. We still have open dialogs, and work together ... a lot of our OEMS have had ups and downs, but we never count any of them out.”

Ouch. It’s pretty clear what Adib is saying here: HP has devices they want Sprint to carry, but Sprint’s not totally interested. If the fortunes of webOS turn around, Sprint’s open. But either way, we wouldn’t expect to see a Sprint Pre3 anytime soon. And we know that's not going to make many of you happy.